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People and Language
The population of Socialist Republic of Viet Nam is more than 78.5 million with an urban population consisting of about 19.7%. There are 54 ethic minority groups living in Vietnam. The 'Kinh' people (or Viet) account for nearly 90% of the population. Major ethic minority groups include the Tay, Thai, Muong, H'Mong, Dzao and Khmer.
Vietnamese language is the main language. English, French and Russian can be heard in the major cities.

  Land & History
The land of Vietnam has an S shape with a total surface area of 329,600 km2.  Vietnam has common borders in the North with China, to the East and Southeast with Laos and Cambodia. The West of Vietnam faces the Eastern Sea (South China Sea). Vietnam's coastline is more than 3,260 kms long. The land is very diverse with mountains, highlands, deltas, rivers and forests. Hanoi is the capital and Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam's largest city.

Vietnam has a tropical climate, which is characterized by lots of sunshine, high rainfall, humidity  and two distinguished seasons in general: the cold and dry one from November to April and the other, hot and wet from May to October. Annual average temperatures range from 22ºC to 27ºC. But the weather usually varies North and South, as between land and mountains. More about Vietnam weather...

The currency is Vietnamese Dong (VND). Foreign currencies can be exchanged at the banks, exchange bureaus or hotel reception desks. Travelers' cheque and most of Credit cards are accepted in the major cities. We are recommend that you bring some cash with you. Check online currency exchange at Vietcombank:

Time zone: GMT/UTC + 7 (the same zone as Thailand, Laos and Cambodia) 
Business days: Monday through Friday.
Business hour: Mornings: 07h30 - 12h00; Afternoons: 13h00 - 16h30. 
Museums are usually closed on Monday but you can visit temples and pagodas every day. Most restaurants and shops open from 08h00 till 22h00.

Public Holidays
01 January: New Year's Day
Late January to mid-February: Vietnamese Lunar New Year ( 04 days off ).
30 April: Re-unification Day and 01 May: International Workers' Day.
02 September: National Day

Internet and mobile phone
Email & Internet:
E-mail and Internet services are available in most hotels and posts in Vietnam. In major cities, there are also a number of internet cafes available.  
Mobile phone:
In Vietnam you will be able to use your mobile phone as long as it is programmed for roaming internationally. You may also rent a mobile phone, which may be easier, or buy a pre-paid phone card. (This service is available at your hotel or at a Mobile Phone Service Center on the street.) Click here for more details.

Entry visas for most nationalities are obtainable from a Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate. Processing usually takes 4-10 working days. The validity of tourist visas is one month and is extendable. Please click here for details. 

Arrival at Airport
The Taxi rates from airport to city vary depend on the distance from airport to center of city.

City Airport to city (km) Taxi rate (US$)
Hanoi -Noi Bai Airport 35 12
Ho Chi Minh City - Tan Son Nhat Airport 05 8
Hue - Phu Bai airport 14 10

Airport tax and Customs declaration: click here

Food and Drinks
There is a wide range of dishes in Vietnam, including the very popular nem (spring rolls) and pho (Vietnamese noodle soup). They are eaten together with rice or noodles. Not all foods are spicy. Vegetarian foods, dietary dishes & western menus are also available at some restaurants. A rich variety of tropical fruits is on hand year round, however, it will vary depending upon the season. 

Imported beers and alcohols are available in hotels, restaurants and shops. There are many Vietnamese brands or country wines made from rice. If you prefer to drink water, please use bottled mineral water, which has an unbroken seal. Do not ingest tap water that has not been boiled.  

Hospitals and Emergency phone numbers:

International SOS: 24 hour alarm center & medical emergency teams. 
Add: 31 Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
Tel: 9340555  Fax: 9340556
Vietnam International Hospital: 24 hour emergency clinic 
Add: Phuong Mai road, Hanoi
Tel: 5740740
Medex: 24 hour emergency (090401919)
Add: A1 Van Phuc, Suite 109-112, Kim Ma. Hanoi
Tel: 8430748  Fax: 8461750 

Ho Chi Minh City:

International SOS: 24 hour emergency
Add: 65 Nguyen Du, Dist.1., Ho chi Minh city
Tel: 8298424, 8298520 Fax: 8298551.
Alain Carpentier Foundation- IMC-Heart Institute: 24h emergency  
Add: 520 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Dist.10, Ho chi Minh city 
Tel: 8654025 
Colombia Asia Saigon: 24 hour emergency
Add: 8 Alexandere de Rhodes, Dist.1, Ho chi Minh city
Tel: 8238455

Police: 113 
Fire Brigade: 114 
First Aid: 115


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